Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Every renter/vendor (item owner) listed on Things4rent is required to carry out evaluation of their items before and after each rental transaction (with picture/video evidence). The renter is also at liberty to set his/her own rental policies to cover cases of wear and tear.

Answer: Like every rental business, the renter sets a “caution fee/deposit” to cover cases of wear/tear. If the case is pretty bad, then the rentee would have to pay the full price for replacement or as agreed in the rental policy.


Answer: Things4rent offers flexible delivery options. The rentee can either pickup from the set location by the renter or opt-in for Things4rent Logistics to handle (pick-up or drop-off) for an extra fee.


Answer: Each renter is required by the Things4rent rental agreement to be rightful owners of all listed items. This must be proven with valid evidence (receipts etc).

Answer: Things4rent bridges this gap by providing the platform to ease the renting process. Renters are advised to limit contact to the platform only and as much as possible, reduce physical contact with rentees for security reasons.


Answer: Yes! Things4rent has secure verification features in place to manage renter and rentee verification. Verified renters have a badge on their profiles indicating their verification status.


Answer: Caution fee/deposit is set by renter, since the renter knows the value of his/her item(s).

Answer: In cases of items not returned, the details of the rentee gotten through the verification process would be used to resolve the issue.


Answer: Caution fees on Things4rent are refundable. Once an item is rented, the caution fee is held in the Things4rent Escrow system. The fee is returned to the rentee account after satisfactory use and return of the rented item.


Answer: It is absolutely free. Things4rent does not charge any fee to become a renter. Rather, a certain percentage is deducted from each transactions carried out on the platform.

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