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Nigeria's foremost proximity based peer2peer rental marketplace

Things4rent is a peer-2-peer rental marketplace that promotes reusability, community interaction and income generation through proximity based rental services.

Things4Rent Ltd was borne out of a rather amusing observation to maximize the everyday items lying around in most Nigerian homes. Over the years, I watched my mother (I am sure this is also typical of most Nigerian mums) carefully arrange her coolers, cutleries, pots, and all other party items into a store or cupboard. These were meant for only special occasions, which of course were seasonal. Sometimes, these items went close to six or seven months without being used. This scenario also played out for other household items or even hobbyist items that were purchased at home and hardly ever put to use in a while.

Several years later, while working in a tech company and having been acquainted with e-commerce, a thought dropped in my mind, why not create a platform where people could upload these items they hardly ever use and make extra money from them? That was my eureka moment, and Things4Rent was born.

The rental industry in Nigeria is due for a major shakeup especially with regards leveraging technology and its many benefits post COVID-19.

About the Founder

Okpapi Joel is a graduate of Computer Science (I.C.T Option) from Ajayi Crowther University Oyo, Oyo State.

A passionate tech lover and enthusiast, he has active interest in entrepreneurship, technology, environment and the arts.

A young Nigerian with several years of experience in the tech and ecommerce ecosystem, Joel has been privileged to have worked on various exciting projects.

Things4rent is his pet project and he is building an incredible team of young and talented individuals to actualize this business idea.

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